Spotted – 100% Degradable Plastic Bags

My friend L snapped this picture for me while shopping at The One store in Marina Mall – Salmiya! Apparently they have 100% degradable plastic bags that will vanish after 6 months – Now you see’em. Now you don’t!


They are on a mission to become more environmentally responsible 😉 They no longer offer paper bags! They explain that paper bags costs the world trees, using four times more energy, and causes water pollution when compared to producing plastic bags… not to mention the cost of delivery using seven times the number of trucks which will consequently cause seven times more air pollution :S


Thanks to an additive (d2w) included at the time of production, their plastic bags will start disintegrating six months after production, vanishing into thin air! How cool is that?


They are selling for 100 fils for the medium bag, and 200 fils for the large one! But my friend said that the only option for shopping bag available! What if you do not want to pay for it? Do you carry your things out to your car? Or just bring in your fabric reusable shopping bags? Its a nice way of forcing you to go green I guess 😉

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