Shake Shack – Mall of Emirates

Last weekend I got to try Shake Shack with the girls and the lovely Muna + her daughter!

The picture above was taken by the time we were done and leaving!  When we got there it was crowded and the waiting line was long! We stood in line and surprisingly got to order in no time! It was moving quick and the staff members were full of energy and having good time! For some reasons the guys in the back were signing out loud and the cashiers were singing along with them while taking orders! Impressive… anyways we sat down and waited for our pager to start beeping… when it did, those trays were placed on our tables *drooooooool*

Burgers – YUMMIEST burgers ever! Shacks, double Shack, and a Shack Stack… everyone was busy eating that we didnt talk much throughout the meal! It was juicy and the bun was soft… just perfect!

As for fries and drinks… orders varied as well! Regular fries, cheese fries, and sodas… a couple of vanilla shakes – which were outstanding according to Muna and her daughter!

That was my order; double shack, fries, and diet coke! I LOVED IT! The burger is rated 518-favorite of all times… the fries was okay, not the best I’ve had.. but the burger, the burger! THE BURGER was AMAZING!


If you are in Dubai, drop by Shake Shack in the Food Court of The Mall of The Emirates… or wait for the one in Kuwait which is supposed to be opening in a couple of weeks or so 😉


Shake Shack is located in the Mall of Emirates – First Floor next to the West Food Court and their tel number is +97143475513

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