Seeing Double?

What would you do if you attend an event and find out someone else is wearing the exact same outfit as yours?


Pose for a picture together?



Kiss and hug?



That’s the spirit hehehe 😉 Thats what happened between great sports Jamie King and Nicky Hilton when they arrived for the launch party for French Connection in the UK wearing the exact same dress; cheetah sequin mini dress!


Not only that… but Hilton tweeted a photo of Jamie King and her and typed “My girl @Jaime_King + I committed the ultimate fashion crime. Showing up at the SAME event in the SAME dress.” In which Jamie King replied “Yes! So fun! Missed you!


Now lets talk fashion…. King wore it with her hair styled in a bun and black pumps! Nicky had her hair flowing with teased waves at the ends and wore black wide belt on the dress + pointed heels… she was also tanned 😉


Now whadya think? Who wore it better?


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