Room Service @ Grand Hayatt Dubai

On our trip to Dubai… we got to our hotel and settled down pretty late that all the restaurants in the hotel were closed! We were starving, so we opted for room service 😉

We ordered three Coca Cola Light and a couple of bottles of water….


Four of us went ahead and ordered burgers… If you have been following my blog, you know I love to have burgers and spaghetti (sometimes club sandwich) for room service 😉

The burgers were so damn good! They hit the spot right there! Juicy and full of flavor! they came with a side salaf of coleslaw that I didnt like much (it contained raisins), salad -or burger toppings – and french fries 😉

The other two dishes were made to order, a special request by Dana who almost always ask for spaghetti with creamy mushroom sauce (even if not on the menu) every time she orders room service!


All in all, the food was super yummy (maybe we thought it was super yummy cuz we were STARVING) or because it was really really good 😉 But in the end we all enjoyed our meals!


Our total came to around AED480 😀

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