Power Outage

Last night at around 6:00PM there was a power outage in our area that lasted for about an hour! It wasn’t THAT bad…. but then again at around 9:45PM we had another blackout that lasted for few hours!


We had a couple of friends at home and the power went off! We did not know how long this one will last… but it started to get hot and really really dark! We lit some candles and waited… we actually had dinner on candle lights LOL….



Around midnight my dad called and said he was out with few neighbors… seems like a team from the ministry was sent out to our area to fix the problem! He said the poor men were working hard in this hot weather to fix the problem and it looks like that they will have to bring in a couple of generators to power up the area! Problem is they are finding it hard to go into the electricity generator unit with some cars parked there blocking it out! Some were old deserted cars even! How bad is this! They should have towed them away!!!


I heard few areas suffered power outages too like Adailiya, Hatteen, Yarmouk, & Qurtoba!


Anyways… I can hear the generators out in the neighborhood and I hope our problem get fixed soon!

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