P0ach’s Froyo Mix AGAIN & AGAIN!

It seems like I will be trying P0ach’s special mix at every Froyo store in K-Town :P! This time its Pinkberry….


After I talked to him, he told me he actually layer it… so there are raspberry and yummies topped with original flavor, that is also topped again with raspberry and yummies… I did it the same way – only in Pinkberry they do not have honey, so I went ahead and tried their pomegranate syrup!

It was amazing as usual… the pomegranate added a little bit tanginess and sweet sour taste to the mix! I would however skip having it on the bottom next time and keep it for the top only! Ohh how I love raspberries…. <3


For the original mix, check out my Zero Degrees P0ach Mix here, and for the Red Mango version click here!

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