Oronamin C Drink

My dad has been buying Oronamin C Drink for a while now!

Its a carbonated vitamin C, which is the main ingredient in this drink in addition to other minerals and vitamins!

Its produced by Otsuka Chemical Holdings Co. in Japan and is commonly called Oronamin C or Oronamin and was named after the Oronine H Ointment in hopes that it would prove to be equally successful

The little brown bottle is really small with a pull-cap (cannot be resealed), and can fill half a glass only! When I wanted to try it for the first time… I was preparing myself for the worst, because it is supposed to be somehow an energy drink, and I dont like energy drinks at all.. but I thought it was fine, or meh! The taste is almost exactly the same as the soluble vitamin C drink you get OTC from any pharmacy… did I get an energy boost? hmmm not really! LOL


Anyways… I found this funny ad on YouTube




Wonder what The Diet Ninja think of this drink? Is it healthy or unhealthy?

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