Oriental Princess Beauty Salon

I was first introduced to this salon back in 2002 or 2003! I cannot really remember! Their prices are very reasonable and they offer a wide range of different services… however, I go there to have a quick foot or head massage, I go sometimes to the Oriental Spa in their Salmiya branch, and I sometimes do hair treatments, or quick hair brushing/blow dry!


They are clean! Their location (Salmiya on Baghdad St and Sharq behind Holiday Inn Down Town) have parking spaces, and they have large numbers of staff members!


Problems? Their attitude! I do not know how to explain it, but it must be a cultural barrier! They do not work hard on satisfying their customers or pleasing them! Its like they tell you in one way or another, we have plenty of customers we do not care if we lose you as one!


Their prices, although very reasonable when compared to other salons, I just do not get how they set them! To begin with their prices differ in each location. The hair blow drying and hair treatments  prices increase with your hair length! The longer, the more expensive but they do not stop at a certain price! They start of really well you think they are the cheapest, but as it grow longer, it can reach KD7 and more – which wont make a different anymore, sometimes even more expensive then other salons!


I had some nail arts that I brought from Singapore! I wanted to have a design on a couple of my nails… now I do not do mani/pedi with them, I just do the coloring sometimes so at one point in time I wanted French Manicure.. she said KD2… you pay up front, they give you a card, and you wait for the available staff member! When I asked her to stick two of those nail art designs on a couple of my nails before applying the last coat, she was like one more KD1!!!! I was like ITS MY NAIL ART STICKERS! She goes one more KD1!!!


They have a lunch break for staff from 1:00PM to 2:00PM! Its like their business goes almost dead at this time! They act robotic with customers! Earlier last week a customer came in to do her roots! The color dye was in her hair before it was 1:00PM… she should leave it for like 30 mins max… they left her unattended for about an hour! She was extremely upset! She asked them for someone to wash her hair, and they kinda ignored her! It was so bad and so rude! She looked for an empty basin and I was about to start a head massage on mine when she begged me to go first! I said sure, since it was a hair color and I can wait for 10 mins or so! She sat on it, begged them to wash it fast, but no one would do it for her… she literally extended her arms to do it herself when a staff member finally decided to help only she wanted to take permission from the reception! The customer started yelling in a way asking of she would get help or not when they gather around her looking at her with one staff member who started washing her hair! I mean they work in a hair salon and they should know that its BAD to leave the color on for THAT long! The customer was very upset!


Oh and I was sitting on a chair next to the nail drying machine, a staff member kinda shoo me away with her sign language! I was like WHAT THE HELL! Can’t she just say excuse me, can you move away from the machine… some customer needs it!!


Its actually an interesting case for Marketing students! What do you guys think?

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