Organica Pasta & Pizza

I got a call from a very nice lady called Catherine yesterday telling me about her new place Prganica Pasta & Pizza in Salmiya! She wanted me to pass by for a quick sneak peek and a review of some items! She was so nice over the phone so I was looking forward to meet the face behind that kind voice 😉


The restaurant is located in Salmiya, on Salem AlMubarak St… somewhere between (or behind) Olympia and Hotel Missoni!

As soon as I entered she was there… full of smile and kind words 😉 She was like “I think someone you know is already here”…. turn out it was 360Dewan! I said hello and headed to my table… shortly after I was served a drink; Iced Tea Apple Martini… with an apple slice on the martini glass, foamy surfaced topped with fresh mint leaves! The drink was refreshingly good! Catherine asked me if I was hungry! I asked her to bring me whatever dishes in smaller portions! She started of with gnocchi with tomato sauce and mushrooms


The gnocchi is made in house with fresh tomato sauce and mushrooms… shaved parmesan cheese on top, this dish was amazingly fresh and yummy! Light as a feather too… I had few bites only because I wanted to save room for my mushroom pizza 😀


Apparently, all their pizzas come in this style… which works perfectly if you were looking into having antipasta/appetizer/salad/soup to go along with it

As soon as the pizza was placed in front of me… I was like “hmmmm smelles ohso-good”! I started at the edges, and ate the two slices at both ends… its soft and drippy and yummy and did I say soft? Its best if you take a slice and kinda fold it to be able to eat it! It tasted so good – gotta love the oven flavor in it! Yes… you can tell 😉 When pizzas are made in good ovens, you kinda smell and feel the taste – unlike junk pizza!

The waiter came back with another juice called Milano Dream (I think) which was a bit sweet for my taste! I liked the iced tea better!


Catherine was flying like a social butterfly between tables! There was a family on my left, and an Italian couple… I am not sure, but those Italians said the food is so good and the quality is high! Catherine kept going from their table, to mine, and to 360Dewan in cycles… sitting and socializing… giving insider scoop and new dishes! She’s a darling! She is so sweet 😀


Speaking of sweet… shall I go ahead and talk about their desserts? They started me off with this one

A cannoli stuffed with white chocolate mousse on top of chopped strawberries… swimming in a light tangy sauce! The white chocolate is too sweet for my taste, and so was this one! It was a good idea to have strawberries in’em to subsides the sweetness with its sweet and sour taste


And now… for the highlight of my dinner *Drum Roll*


A chocolate trio dessert! It consists of dollop of chocolate mousse topped with sea-salt…. a white powdery-like je ne’sais quoi!

Catherine told me its white olive oil sand… she said if you take some with the top of your finger and lick it, it will turn into olive oil…. and yeah! You bet I did it 😉 Then there was this chocolate fettuccine with sliced sweet cherries, just to give you the feel of fettuccine with sundried tomato kinda dish, only this one is a dessert…


And lastly, the hot chocolate cappuccino ice cream!! Taste like hot coco ice cream and feels like cappuccino in texture


So the right way to eat the chocolate mousse is this way…. you scoop some chocolate mousse with the white sand olive oil! Its an interesting mixture! I kept thinking that this dish was made for me and my taste buds, which I like and enjoy confusing most of the time LOL…. it reminded me of a dessert I had in Antwerp while in Belgium; Liquid olive oil, topped with chocolate mousse, and sprinkled with coarse black pepper! Amazing!

Catherine was drinking Arnold Palmer! At last a place that serves iced tea mixed with lemonade and actually call it Arnold Palmer drink (just when I was complaining about it the other day on my post)


As the place emptied – I had the chance to talk to Catherine on one-on-one, and was able to snap few pictures here and there! Here is the restaurant, as you can see its full of colors (not my favorite kind of design but I can see why they went ahead with it)


They have a table with a divider, which serves the veiled ladies perfectly 😉


Gotta love this tiny vespa <3

The OVEN 😉


And the team 😉


Thank you Catherine for an amazing dinner and for the insider scoop 😉 Thank you Mohammed D. for introducing me to Catherine in someway or another 😉


Organica Pasta & Pizza will be open to the public very very soon 😀

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