My First Proteges GII Lecture

Earlier yesterday I sneaked into The Proteges lecture given by the fabulous mentor, Mr. Yarub Burhama, at GUST.

Fun and interactive as usual, Mentor Burhama always like to have a lively class asking everyone to participate! They were talking about films, tricks used in photography to enhance the image or the purpose! How to make things look bigger, taller, smaller, brighter, serious, and more! The Proteges were participating all the way and giving out interesting comments!

The sweet Fay O., of Generation I, was helping mentor Burhama with the videos! I am proud of you Fay O. :* It was also nice to see some other Proteges from Generation I taking pictures/videos, and tweeting during the lecture! Too bad I had to leave before the end of the lecture because it looks like some students were preparing special something with the mentor! Can anyone fill me in? What happened next?

Read more about this lecture here!

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