Misuse of Social Media Tools!

I hate to see how some companies in Kuwait handle constructive criticism!

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Marzouq posted a screen shot of a thread posted on KEMS Facebook Page last Tuesday (link) when a Facebook fan posted that he was pretty dissapointed with what he described the “freakin” FAP … He was hoping for a change in all of the ISPs in kuwait.


To my surprise, KEMS response was attacking! They called users in Kuwait “ABUSERS”! They do not stop here, but give a link to one of Marzouq’s posts explaining that he is one of those people misusing his Internet connection! They say such users ruin the service provided and that they are monitoring them closely!!!!! They go further when they say “Some ISPs had terminated them and banned them from renewing. Other ISPs are considering this issue as a serious issue


Tsk tsk tsk!!!

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