Ice Cream World

Ice Cream World is not a new ice cream parlor! As a matter of fact its been there for years, and I have been buying from them on and off! They have a wide range of ice cream flavors to choose from; fruit based and milk based!

I recently passed by the store and tried to snap few pictures because I believe this store is worth mentioning! The staff members are so polite and quiet, the ice cream flavors are so good! My friend, Shayma, and I used to drop by a lot like 4 or 5 years ago – can’t really remember! We would get so many flavors in separate cups, go home and indulge!

They also serve ice cream on cones and fresh juices

Here are some of their flavors; banana milk, caramel, saffron, cafe mocha, roasted almonds, peach, cherry, mango, melon, strawberry, and lemon… just to name a few 😛

Their fruit-based flavors are so flavorful and so good! I sometimes order some for our family gatherings… which reminds me, I haven’t done that in a while, maybe I should!


For more, you can visit the store on Baghdad St. Their Tel # is 25663638 – Free Delivery too!

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