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Every now and then we get some KOBE Burgers from Sultan Center (or Prime Cuts) for BBQ nights at home… My brother in law just loves those AUS KOBE burgers!

Zoona have been spoiling us lately by bringing us AUS KOBE burgers like every other week! A couple of nights back she got us some – Thank you Zoona, we love you very very much ;-*


The KOBE beef cuts refers to a breed of the wagyu cattle, that are raised under special conditions – which makes it a delicacy! It really is a delicacy for that the beef batty is tender n’ juicy and full of flavor! I can never have enough of those <3


Try them out with deli cut cheese of your choice and a good bun! Then add the condiments you like 😉 I had mine with cheddar cheese, onion, and guacamole <3 <3


Price tag? around KD1.250 per burger

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