How To Kill Time?

I was at Ali AlGhanim & Sons dealership yesterday to get my car services which took forever as usual! So How do you kill time? Me??? I started snapping pictures πŸ˜›


Random ones of course πŸ˜›

Then I ordered a drink at Starbucks… waited for my drink to get ready and started snapping away pics there as well

Having Starbucks Coffee at Ali AlGhanim & Sons dealership is not a bad idea… I see a lot of people sitting and waiting for their cars to be serviced! I see salespersons ordering for their clients too!

Got my White Chocolate Mocha Frappy…. After talking to a couple of friends my BlackBerry died….

So I started playing games on my iPhone – check out the design by EZGRT πŸ˜€

My battery was at around 35% when I decided to stop! And after more than two hrs, I was finally done!!!


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