How Do You Eat Your Alphonso Mango?

There are several ways to eat a mango! There are also even more ways on what you can use mango for – in desserts, salads, food, pickles, chutney… etc! I have tried it in Los Angeles downtown from a Mexican street vendor with hot sauce and salt – it wasn’t alphonso thought! I have tried the mini green ones in Singapore with lemon and salt! But how do you cut your Alphonso mango to eat’em?

The way I like to eat mine? Well… The Juice-it-up! I like to suck the juices out from the top without having to peel it – specially when I’m relaxed at home (و بالكويتي الفصيح أحب أمخمخ الهمبة) – Believe me! Its the best way to enjoy it…. you can then eat the remaining flesh with a spoon from the opening on top 😀

The Turtle Shell! This must be the most common way in Kuwait! I see it as a decoration in hotel buffets… my mom used to cut’em this way for us when we were kids (more pictures on Marzouq’s blog here) – Its fun and less messy 😉

The Cut n’ Scoop! This one did not come out really well, it was a bit hard, but Danderma have great pictures of the same method on her blog 😉 It is also less messy and you can eat from it with a spoon like you are scooping out the flesh!


Sometimes our cook just cut them into small cubes for us to eat or in slices like the picture below I have taken from Marzouq’s blog.


How do you like to eat your mango?

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