House of Mirrors in Qadsiya

As I mentioned earlier, I wanna do a search for interesting houses in Qadsiya after finding our some interesting ones in the area such as

This time its the House of Mirrors in Block 9 – St 94 in Qadsiya (منزل أو متحف المرايا في القادسية)

The house is basically designed with mirrors.. mosaic style! The pieces come together and are designed in a way to show…. well, so many things! For starters…. we have camels and a unicorn here

Right next to them are some plants and flowers

On the top floor there are some prayers with astronomical signs such as the moon, the sun, some planets…. and butterflies!

Moving on to the other side of the house, where the main entrance is

Some more prayers and designs! And something that reads Khalifa Waleed AlQattan Museum (متحف خليل وليد القطان)

And more plants, planets, and butterflies

Thats their main entrance door!

And another mirror mosaic sign that reads Art Museum

Now I am anxious to go on! I want to see the interiors!!!

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