Cooking in Italy!

Hey hey hey! I’m about to leave in few hours for about a week. I have prepared scheduled posts here and there to keep the site active 😉 But can you guess where I’m going?

I’m going to Italy! A trip organized by the Health Company in Kuwait. Why? COOKING! Yes, I was lucky enough to be contacted by  the company to join them on this cooking trip!


Also…. a fellow blogger (and a good friend of mine) will be joining in – so its gonna be double the fun! She already posted about the trip! Can you guess who she is? 😉


The trip will include so many activities! We will be going to Florence mainly, but will have one night in Rome! There will be cooking, shopping (food shopping and fashion shopping), visiting a farm, and much more.. I do not want to spoil it all now but stay tuned for my posts when I come back!

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