Clinic 09

I was asking about Vitamin D Deficiency on my Twitter when @Twaif told me to drop by Dr. Houssam Kablawi in 09 Clinic in Bneid AlGar!

I called ahead of time to book an appointment… I was given directions to the clinic, and a reminder call one day ahead of my appointment – I like that 😉 The clinic is on Mohammed Marafie St in Bneid AlGar right between Great Steak and Shawermama

The staff are very professional… I did the usual when opening a file! You know, filling out papers and giving out personal info… taking my pressure, weight, height… the whole nine yards and waited in the reception area for the doctor – they even serve you refreshments (water, tea, coffee… etc)!

Dr. Kablawi is beyond amazing! He took full medical history and did basic checks! He even emailed me some videos and information about Vitamin D Deficiency!  He also asked for blood test, which is done in-house, to ensure if I needed a medicine before prescribing it for me! Everything was smooth and I really liked the clinic (Thanks again @twaif)


The file opening, blood test, and examination cost me KD55
The clinic have more services which includes cosmetic surgery, nutritionist, laser, and more! You can call 1820909 to find out more about them

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