Breakfast at Watelemon

Luluscious and I decided to have a brunch… we wanted to get some stuff from Arraya, so we stopped at Waterlemon in Arraya Mall for a hearty brunch 😀 Its been a while since I have been to any of their branches.. their menu changed and seems to be taking Red Indian theme for some reason!

Though they still have the same colorful bubbly plate mats… and spiced nuts to munch on (which I never do – for personal reasons I do not like to discuss LOL)

Anyways… we started of with yummy bread and cheese spread! It came in a metal plate

The sides of the plate (which I loved) reads: Earth does not belong to us…

We belong to earth…

Anyways… I ordered Peach Treat, while Luluscious ordered Lemon with Mint

I love this drink! Its so refreshing… and I love to eat those slices of fruit while drinking it *recommended at Waterlemon*

Lulu had the Croque Monsieur sandwich! She asked for a side of fries to go with it and no eggs!

I had an open Egg Sandwich – VERY rich and yummy!

It looks much bigger than the picture on their meu… and I ate it all! I enjoyed it to the max – I skipped the salad however, not a fan of cucumbers!

Cannot remember our total, but it was somewhere between KD7.5-11 :S

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