Blue Lights House in Qadsiya

After more than a year of posting about the house with the blue lights in Qadsiya, I got contacted via a comment from one of the residents of the house, Alanood, who was nice enough to share with me this professional picture of their house


The comments left on that post were discussing the house itself and possible reasons for the blue lights… so Alanoud gave me the real and exclusive story behind the blue lights!


In her own words she said:

حصرياً لموقعج راح اقول سببهم
ببساطه خالي الي كان مشرف على بنيان البيت وهو الي ركب هالليتات الزرقه ويقول حلوين ، عاد اذا احد فيه خير يروح يكلم خالي خخخخخخخخ

الحين بادين تدريجيا بتغيير اللون للاصفر بنجرب اشلون يصير الوضع ، لما تكمل الليتات الصفره بدزلكم الصوره ;p

المهم فرصه سعيده اني شقت هالبلوق بعد مرور سنه من نشر صورة بيت العز يا بيتنا ;p


She is very sweet and funny in her own words! Basically she is saying that her uncle was looking after the house while it was being built and all.. and he suggested the blue lights… they are now experimenting with different colors, yellow for now to see how this one will go, and she will send me an update 😉


I think I will call it the “House of Blues

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