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I can’t believe how long it has been since I dropped by Maki! Its been a while!

I was one of their first customers and frequent visitor once upon a time… and I just dropped by it a couple of days ago! Surprisingly, Tawfik still remembered me 😉

Luluscious, Noufa, and I were out… Luluscious have been craving sushi, and we must MUST go -she is pregnant- we were all starving! Noufa suggested we stop by Maki at Burj Jassim!

We ordered three salads, Edamame Salad (above), which is made of edamame obviously mixed with crips, crab (kani), tobico, avocados, apples, and garnished black sesame! Loved this salad to bits! Its such a tease with all the ingredients in it… soft at one bite, chewy in another and crispy in some! Hmmmm… and we also ordered salmon avocado salad below – I assume its one of the best sellers at all sushi restaurants in Kuwait! It is very popular and very yummy <3 Even though I am not a big fan of cucumbers, I dont mind’em shredded in this salad

and Marina Salad… green rocket leaves, with crab sticks, tobico, and garnished with sesame

It comes on a fish bowl with live swimming fishy! Not a bad salad at all… but I think it will be replaced with the edamame salad Noufa ordered 😉

Ebi Tempura… it came in cubed for some reason! Maybe because we ordered it with a side of spicy sauce?

Edamame, with a side of spicy sauce… AGAIN 😛

And now for Noufa’s suggestion… Negimayaki with a side of extra sauce and veggie fried rice! You have to eat it this way, which Noufa and her friends came up with; veggie fried rice eaten with a negimayaki roll and sprinkled with the extra sauce 😉 Delish!

Yara… and old favorite of mine and Luluscious!

Issa Maki 3….. I never knew it existed! I only remember Issa Maki and Issa Maki 2! This one was flavorful! I loved it… it comes with special sauce and crispy sweet potato chips on top <3 <3

With our drinks (I had green tea, they ordered sodas) our total came to KD37.750


Maki is located on the first floor of Burj Jassim Shopping Center and their tel # is 1823080 – 22901010

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