All For One

Amazing video sent to me via email about a unity campaign called Kilina Wa7id (كلنا واحد)  – which shows some of the heroes of Kuwait during the Iraqi Invasion to Kuwait back in 1990/91!




Great efforts!


Production: AVALITE & Cinemagics Kuwai
Music: Chris Haigh
Graphics: Moving blue
Sound: Awtan Studios

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed by
Abdulmohsen Alhashem
Abdullatif Alothman

Production Manager
Abdullah Alzankawi

PR & Advertising manager
Menwah Alyaqoub

Production Design
Fahad Aljeel

Hamad Alkhayat
Abdulaziz Alhammad
Abdullah Al’amer
Hamad Alzemami



كلنا واحـد
حملة كويتية وُلدت لمحاربة الفتن الطائفية .. لـلمحافظة على استقرارنا .. وطننا واحــد .. طائفتنا واحــده .. كـلنا واحـــد


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