Zero Degrees Winners

Congratulations to all Zero Degrees winners – you won a free cup of frozen yogurt and I have your vouchers with me 😉

  1. Fatima Qureshey
  2. Fatma AlHilal
  3. Dalal AlAbdali
  4. Emad AlSadi
  5. Noura/Zayouna (only one winner plz – same email ID used for both)
  6. Altaf AlMudhayan
  7. Shahnaz Azadmanish
  8. Sara Ali AlMarzouq
  9. dotsNpink (need details)


Question 23: Whats the kiwi flavor frozen yogurt at Zero Degrees called?


Answer: Octagreen


To find out more about Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees



Tel: 55540404

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