Waless Winners

Congratulations to WALESS Car Detailing & Protection winners 😀 I have contacted all of you and sent you the prize electronically 😀  A free car wash stamped with Waless Electronic Stamp + Numbered Voucher to match the names of winners below. The winners’ names have been sent to Waless Staff along with their contact details (phone + address) so you can start calling and book an appointment if you are a winner 😉

  • Azeem Ahmed
  • mubu (still waiting for your response)
  • Ali AlMasoud
  • Mufaddal Muslim
  • Haya AlHarbi
  • Nasser Bader AlHamad (Already got his car washed – how was it Nasser?)


Question 13: I tried and posted about Waless recently! I asked them to removed a stain from my car that I couldn’t clean. What was the stain from (source)?
Hint? Well… something I am addicted to :P


Answer: Frozen Yogurt


I tried Waless Carwash before my competition and loved it so much. Whats better than having your car super clean in an eco-friendly way! Gotta keep mother nature happy 😉


To find out more about Waless:

Waless Website



Tel: 90010110

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