VICTUS Food Winners

Congratulations to all VICTUS Food Winners – I specially love their Baking Tray cafe, and I am a regular customer there! I got myself addicted to a couple of their sandwiches and yummy cookies… enjoy 😉 The prizes are from both, Baking Tray and Bess Fooll Bess Felafel

  1. Maha AlAbdali
  2. Abdulaziz Adnan AlRayes
  3. Basma AlMusallam
  4. Eman Ali Asad
  5. May Abdulrazzaq Behbehani
  6. Kulsum Tayeb Ali Kunwawala
  7. Jenan Nouri AlSaad
  8. Dalal Ghazi


Question 19: What is my favorite breakfast sandwich at Baking Tray?


Answer: EBT


To find out more about VICTUS Food




Tel: 1842887


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