Vapiano – Dubai Mall

Last April, on our last day in Dubai, we had a quick lunch at Vapiano 😉 I was recommended to drop by Vapiano from the Social Media group on BlackBerry which I am a member of (Thanks Saad 😉 ) and Noufa, who tried it before…


Located in the lower ground level of the mall, Vapiano is an open space restaurant that screams freshness! Its loud, its spacious, and the food smells so good! The interior was simple and minimal… which served the whole purpose of having fresh casual restaurant in a mall… When placing your order, you are given a chip card and a pager… once your order is ready your beeper goes off


We ordered two kinds of salads, which I forgot to take a picture of… one was mixed greens with an AMAZING dressing – toldya the place screams freshness 😉 The other one was Greek and it was delicious as well… But I have a couple of pictures of the two pizzas we ordered… Mushroom and Margarita


Now I am really picky when it comes to pizza! I love the fresh-out-of-the-oven ones and I almost never eat fast food or junk pizza (unless very hungry and its my only option)


Those pizza were made to order and they were fire roasted! It really adds to the flavor, and the whole experience of the fresh casual dining is a plus


Definitely not to be missed if you are a true pizza fan 😉

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