Taw9eel Winners


Congratulations to Taw9eel winners, winning ONE Galaxy Tab 16GB, THREE Icy Packs, and ONE Carrot Tan Pack πŸ˜€ distributed on the winners one item per winner πŸ˜‰

  1. Mustafa Diwan
  2. Abeer Sarwar
  3. Najla Adel
  4. Shahad Abdulrahman
  5. Maryam Ahmed Khalid


Kindly note that you will be contacted directly by Taw9eel staff πŸ˜€ Enjoy your freebies πŸ˜€


Question 4:Β I made an order via a β€œsocial media tool” and I was the first to do so with Taw9eel! Name that tool? AND I want you to give me a link to that post?


Answer: Social Media Tool is Twitter



I’ve always enjoyed Taw9eel’s services… and I very much enjoy their interactive tweets! They are doing an amazing job πŸ˜€


To find out more about Taw9eel:

Taw9eel Online Shopping



Tel: 1821010


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