Recommended – Raspberry Trifle From Empress


I blame both, Dina and Basma for introducing us to this YUMMYLICOUS raspberry trifle from Empress! I blame them for all the weight I gained and the weight I will gain (because I will have more and more of it) from eating it



Its layers of sponge cake with cream, raspberry, and raspberry sauce… that I literally cannot have enough of! I can eat have of this EASILY in one set! The extra rasp-yummy-berry sauce on the side is to die for <3 <3



Its not just recommended… its HIGHLY recommended by me! The taste is just perfect! A little bit of sweetness with some sweet sourness (I’m a BIG fan of raspberries)… It was a HUGE hit at our gathering



Its as if this dessert was made for me and my taste buds – Ansam518 Seal of Approval! Absolutely delicious 😉

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