Question 5 – Sponsored By Gelato Italiano

Feeling HOT HOT HOT! Maybe its time for a scoop -or two maybe?- of ice cream! Gelato Italiano is here to the rescue, and they’re sponsoring my fifth question…. are you ready?


Question: We served a yummy, individually wrapped, mini bite size chocolate covered ice cream treats during my sister’s wedding from Gelato Italiano. What are they called? And just so you know… there will be more than one winner to this post!


Gelato Italiano is a Kuwaiti Brand established in 2001. They produce Italian ice cream from the best and freshest ingredients found in the country 😉 Gelato Italiano also caters to parties and events. They sell whole sale to restaurants, cafes and hotels too!


To find out more about Gelato Italiano

Check out their Facebook

Tel: 22434434


Kindly refer to the guidelines here


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