Question 14 – Sponsored By Klue

The weekend is here at last… wanna do something fun with your family and/or friends specially customized for you in a form of a game? Working up your mind in a fun way is just amazing, and I have a suggestion! Try to answer this question and you might be one of the lucky winners to get the chance and try it out 😉


Question: Who’s the person behind KlueKuwait? The brains! The one who created KlueKuwait?


Hint? P0ach interviewed him on his blog 😉


The idea of the game is about arranging a customized adventure where teams have to look for clues around Kuwait. You experience lots of unexpected situations that you have to overcome all while having fun and breaking one’s daily routine.


To find out more




Tel: 99982286


Kindly refer to the guidelines here… and remember to leave your phone number with the comment. Don’t worry I wont publish it



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