Question 12 – Sponsored By Enjoy! Restaurant

I very much ENJOY having lunch/dinner at Enjoy! As a matter of fact we stop by or order for takeout/delivery at least twice per month! I believe I have tried 70% of their menu LOL! I look forward into making that to 100%


Question: Whats my two favorite burgers at Enjoy!? If you really wanna know and have the EXPRESS PASS to the answer, go to their Facebook Page and check out my comment left on their wall 😉


Enjoy! is a unique local concept serving food designed with love. Born from a vision to create tasteful food selections using only high quality ingredients to make you live, love, & eat.


The VERY generous team of Enjoy! gave me many many prizes for this question – so answer it fast while you can 😉


To find out more

Enjoy! Live Love Eat


Tel: 25737573/25739573


Kindly refer to the guidelines here



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