Question 11 – Sponsored By Napket

Napket is one of the restaurants I dine at regularly.. You would know that of course if you have been following me and my tweets 😉 Not only do I love their food, but also have two icy yogurt flavors/mixes named after me at Napket!


Question: Can you tell me what Ansam I AND Ansam II icy yogurts are made of (each separately)? You only have to tell me the three main ingredients in each (ONLY three each – the body of the frozen yogurt and the toppings)


Napket offers a new way of eating that perfectly matches our modern lifestyles, fits in with our constraints and fulfils our fancies. Let Napket Arabia romance your senses and sweep you off your feet, so you can give them a much needed rest.


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Tel: 22597754


Kindly refer to the guidelines here



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