Question 10 – Sponsored By TONI&GUY

I was at TONI&GUY yesterday for retouches! And I also picked up their GIFT… or GIFTS to my readers 😉 There will be a couple of winners to this question sponsored by them 😉


Question: Whats the name of my hair stylist at Toni & Guy? And who does my color? (I just need first names)


Hint? Okay… so on January 1st 2011 I posted a “2010 Wrap-up” talking about the year 2010 in general. In that specific post I mentioned both of their names as one of my favorite beauty, shopping, tips, and picks 😀


TONI&GUY has remained at the forefront of the hairdressing industry and has pioneered the professional hairdresser, exceeding all industry standards to make expertise available on a global scale. They have 405 salons in 41 countries worldwide and have been educating hairdressers for over 25 years. With 23 academies worldwide. They also created a professional hair care range called Label.m in 2005, which has successfully launched in 52 overseas markets within the last two years.



For more:

TONI&GUY Al Corniche Club



Tel: 25663286 – 66178889


Kindly refer to the guidelines here




P.S. CHECK YOUR EMAIL! You might be a winner (respond within 48 hrs – those who fail to do so will not be eligible to get their prize)

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