Question 1 – Sponsored by KARKOOSHA

Well well well…. the competition has started 😉 And the first post and question today is sponsored by KARKOOSHA 😉


Question: In the early days of KARKOOSHA, a special offer was given to my readers by KARKOOSHA team. What was the offer?


Please note that KARKOOSHA Team is giving more than one prize, so this question has multiple winners – HURRY UP 😉


KARKOOSHA, (kar-koo-sha) noun An Arabic word for a tassel, is an online exhibition providing virtual space for exhibitors from all over the world. It is set up into boutiques with different time frames, depending on the exhibitor’s package. Each boutique has its own culture, history, inspirations, trendiness, art, heritage, and popularity.


You can find more about them:

Kindly refer to the terms and guidelines here



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