Napket Winners

Congratulations to all Napket winners šŸ˜€ I’m sure you will enjoy it there…. clearly, from my posts, you can tell its not only one of my favorite restaurants, but also a place I love… and they have named two icy yogurt mixes after truly yours šŸ˜‰

  1. Johar Fakhruddin
  2. Mai AlEssa
  3. Shahad AlHerz (waiting for you)
  4. Abbas Kutbuddin


Question 11:Ā Can you tell me what Ansam IĀ ANDĀ Ansam II icy yogurts are made of (eachseparately)? You only have to tell me the three main ingredients in each (ONLY three each ā€“ the body of the frozen yogurt and the toppings)



  • Ansam I: Watermelon icy yogurt topped with pomegranate and sprinkled with rose water
  • Ansam II: Pina Colada icy yogurt topped withĀ pineappleĀ cubes and coconut shavings


To find out more about Napket




Tel:Ā 22597754

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