Napket Winners

Congratulations to all Napket winners 😀 I’m sure you will enjoy it there…. clearly, from my posts, you can tell its not only one of my favorite restaurants, but also a place I love… and they have named two icy yogurt mixes after truly yours 😉

  1. Johar Fakhruddin
  2. Mai AlEssa
  3. Shahad AlHerz (waiting for you)
  4. Abbas Kutbuddin


Question 11: Can you tell me what Ansam I AND Ansam II icy yogurts are made of (eachseparately)? You only have to tell me the three main ingredients in each (ONLY three each – the body of the frozen yogurt and the toppings)



  • Ansam I: Watermelon icy yogurt topped with pomegranate and sprinkled with rose water
  • Ansam II: Pina Colada icy yogurt topped with pineapple cubes and coconut shavings


To find out more about Napket




Tel: 22597754

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