My TOMS <3

I have been meaning to buy me some TOMS in Kuwait, specially when my friend told me that they were available for sale at Bogsha! I browsed through their site and I knew I wanted to get a red pair of TOMS… I have been sporting River Island‘s espadrilles for few months now… but I really wanted TOMS (flat canvas shoes with rubber soles that sells for a good cause too)

Dont get me wrong! I love them! Plus they’re like KD5-7 depending on the style! Very comfy too… but I still wanted TOMS! Specially that they were going for the One for One Movement – in which they state that with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need 😉 Well well well…. Luluscious, my best friend, is back from London for few months in Kuwait and guess what!? Yeah, she got me TOMS – I was caught by surprise… specially when I saw they were the exact ones I wanted! Talk about how well your best friend knows you? Love you Lulus :**

TOMS also share pictures of you or your TOMS on their website, in which you can share your story and your passion for the One for One Movement

I am really happy with my TOMS! I cant believe she got me the exact pair I wanted!!


I have been wearing them after I got them from Lulu all night, and earlier this morning too! They are so comfy and cushion-y from the inside!


Thank you Luluscious <3 😉

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