My Lenotre 518 Cake

As mentioned in my post yesterday, my birthday cake was specially made for me to have and enjoy as a birthday gift and celebrate the launch of my new blog

I had a meeting with the chef… he discussed with me the flavors I like! He also asked me to send him my new blog’s logo… and he did an AMAZING job

The minute I got the call that the cake was delivered I went outside to check it out and guide the delivery guys to the kitchen! I literally wanted to cry! This may seem silly to some of you – maybe you wont understand it… but I actually shed a tear! I did not know how serious they were about it! It was practically a piece of 3D art!

The attention to details was amazing! I was really speechless!

The taste? I wanted to have both, the pistachio and vanilla (totally not a chocolate cake person) He did an amazing job! The pistachio was light and so was the vanilla… with layers in between of caramel… and God knows what! Everyone loved it SO MUCH <3 The minute it was on the table, everyone started snapping pictures of it… I could not just cut it right away! I took LOADS of pictures with it LOL

For more on Lentore, check out their websitefacebook – and twitter @MMCKuwait – Tel: 1805050

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