Moroccan Kaftans

I was invited to view a collection of Moroccan Kaftans last week. The designer greeted me with a BIG smile and Moroccan tea with chocolates… we sat down on her desk talking about how she got into the world of designing

During the 1990s, when her husband was sent to Belgium as a diplomat, she got enrolled in a class to learn more about designing… She started of by designing few pieces for her own use… which later on expanded to collection after another available for everyone

I thought by collection they meant few designs in different colors, but I was surprised to see a wide range of kaftans, blouses, vests, and abayas all Moroccan inspired and no piece like another… which means there is only one piece of each ūüėČ

Although I am not the kind of person that wears kaftan all year round, I still appreciated every single piece and the beautiful hand embroidered work

In choosing colors, she definitely work on satisfying many tastes

There are the one piece Kaftans, some are even modernized

There are also different styles of Moroccan-esque abayas

The usual black abaya with matching veil… and as you can see in the details, very nice¬†embroidery¬†¬†

Check the weaving here…

and the matching veil to go with it

Check this one out… looks like the perfect piece for a reception at home, for the hostess of the reception… royal-like kaftan

And the belt… loved it

Another piece that caught my attention was this one… very gypsy like, but still screams class in the same time. Colors are bravely put-together to bring out this funky kaftan

A totally different style is this soft Kaftan… designed with lace and electric blue color material

I think she did an amazing done of designing the collection! I only managed to snap a pic of items… but she also have much more designs to browse through! If you’re interested call +96597388583

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