Enjoy Winners

Congratulations to ell Enjoy! Restaurant winners… as I’m writing this post, I’m thinking Enjoy for lunch 😉 Enjoy a 10% off your next order from Enjoy!

  1. Reham Mohammed
  2. Nilofar Mohammed Yusuf
  3. Idris Barakat
  4. Sarah Mohammed Kalban
  5. Jawaria Khawar Qureshey
  6. Laila Adnan Abohadba
  7. Yasmin J (awaiting your info)
  8. Hessa AlHamlan
  9. Maryam AlKhamees
  10. Khaled Hassan AlHay
  11. Sahar AlTaiilji
  12. Haya AlWazzan
  13. Saju Thomas
  14. Shahad AlMutairi
  15. Ghaida AlMuhanna


Question 12: Whats my two favorite burgers at Enjoy!? If you really wanna know and have the EXPRESS PASS to the answer, go to their Facebook Page and check out my comment left on their wall


Answer: Swiss Mushroom and Blue Cheese burgers


To find out more about Enjoy!

Enjoy! Live Love Eat


Tel: 25737573 / 25739573

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