Dolce Antico Winners

Congratulations to Dolce Antico winners…. I have sent the winners names + details to the store, they will be calling you soon to arrange for prize claim 😉 Make sure to bring your ID with you 😀

  1. Ammad Saroor
  2. Sarah AlSaeed
  3. Rawan Ali Bin Ali
  4. Nora Abdullah Mohammed
  5. Aafrin Wangde
  6. Ghazlan Hamadah
  7. Doha Saad AlNahedh
  8. Fatma Mustafa Mohd
  9. Nouf AlJassim
  10. Hanadi Bader AlJiran


Please make sure to contact the store on later than the end of this month – otherwise your prize will go to a sub-winner 😉


For more on Dolce Antico check:

Dolce Antico

Tel: 22650828

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