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One of the places I would definitely recommend for weddings and parties’ coffee sweets is Chocolates & More.


Its fancy gourmet chocolate meets a taste of Arabia! Chef Athoub AlNasrallah is truly talented and have a good taste 😉 She was featured earlier in one of the French magazines too! Her coffee sweets never failed to amuse me! Each chocolate presented is a piece of art! Here are some pictures of a wedding chocolate give-away I attended recently 😉

Her chocolates are infused with Arabian spices… a tease of cardamom in some, and cinnamon in others! And much much more

Not to mention all the other chocolate trays that were going around all night with different shapes, colors, and flavors!


She goes from classic, gourmet, and truffles, to sugar free and more! I highly recommend it for those looking to serve coffee sweets at any special occasion 😉
For more, check out Chocolates & More website 0r call +965 99282829

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