Carluccio’s Pasta Making Demo

Yesterday I dropped by Carluccio’s with my sister Mimmi (who was a great help for picture taking today) for their Pasta Making Demonstration 😉 We started of with yummy breakfast

Mimmi ordered Mocha, while I had a single espresso

For breakfast, we both ordered Uova E Funghi (scrambled eggs with mushroom)

It was AMAZING! I loved it… the three kinds of mushrooms were fabulous!

Then we headed for the demonstration station… this is the second cookery showcase I attend with Carluccio’s… first one I attended was back in mid April.

And it was given by the same, amazing, Chef Giulio Brignola 😉

This time we learned more about pasta, pasta making, and different sauces… he started of with Gnocchi 😉

I liked gnocchi, just never made it myself… with the cooking demo today I plan to do so soon! It was -or seemed to be- easy to make 😉 Plus… they were kind enough giving us the recipe(s) like last time 😉 Anyways…. back to cooking

After the chef was done with the dough, he took part of it and rolled it… then chopped it off to small pieces

What I like about Chef Giulio is that he really enjoys what he’s doing and he loves cooking in front of a crowd giving tips… he is very visual person! For example, he was talking about the best potatoes to do the gnocchi with, French potatoes… then he would actually bring some in for us to see

After the gnocchi, he made fresh egg pasta! I never knew pasta can be made using eggs and flour! Basically for every 100gm of flour, use one egg, roll it into a dough and refrigerate overnight before using!

Of course he had prepared one ahead of time… but showed us how to do it anyways! He used a special machine to flatten it out

Out of the flat sheet he cut some into triangular shapes.. they are called Maltagliati

This is what we have done so far…. Gnocchi and fresh egg pasta

And now off to make some raviolis stuffed with spinach and ricotta 😉

Flatten it more… while sprinkling it with flour in between to avoid stickiness

Stuff it with the spinach mix he had prepared in front of us

And cut’em out into raviolis

Now we have more variety of pastas

The gnocchi

The ravioli

And the maltagliati

And now…. The SAUCES 😉 He first started with Salsa ai Quattro Formaggi (Four Cheese Sauce)

And voila… with the nocchi 😉

And everyone got to try a small sample of it! Delicious! I am so gonna make this at home! We both loved it

Another sauce he prepared was Salsa Gamberi e Zucchine (Prawn & Zucchini Sauce)! I thought it was courages to have those two ingredients as a sauce!

And again… small samples around with the gnocchi! I was enjoying every moment of the cooking show and the yummy food!

The third sauce was Salsa Pomodoro Fresco (Fresh Tomato Sauce) and man those basil leaves he used were so aromatic and SO HUGE! They are imported from France! Wonder if we have any here in the market

This one was made for the raviolis….

I enjoyed every single bite… the basils!! Ahh the basils!!! <3 <3

The last sauce made was Salsa Con Pollo e Funghi (Chicken & Mushroom Sauce)… that one had truffle oil, and boy oh boy! That truffle oil really adds a flavor <3

With the yummy breakfast we had…. and the mini dishes of food demonstration we were treated I was really full ALL DAY!

I had frozen yogurt later on… but that was it! Amazing food, amazing company, and AMAZING chef 😉 I really look forward for more cookery showcases at Carluccio’s!


Ohhh… and each one of us left with a goody bag 😉


Special thanks to Mr. Khalid Khader 😉

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