Cafe Bazza


I called my sweetest cousin Noufa up to see if she was up for breakfast at Cafe Bazza 😉 We’ve been meaning to try this cafe for a while now but always postponed it… but we finally got the chance to drop by yesterday 😉


The cafe is located in Bneid AlGar on Gulf Rd… a two level restaurant (the upper level is still under works), very nicely designed with different vintage posters all over…. wooden chairs designed with “Mesbah” (Islamic Rosary), waiters wearing “Ghetra” (men head dress/piece), the tea pots and some plates! They did a good job into bringing modernized classic feel and atmosphere to the cafe! I think the atmosphere here played a BIG part in my review!


It was so hot outside so we started up with cold bottle of water and then we browsed through their menu



I had saffron milk with cinnamon… it was AMAZING! The “Estikana” (tea cup) had the logo of the cafe, and the tea pot was “Emlabbas” (painted teapots)… after a while they brought a mini “Duwwa” (charcoal brazier), only it was heated with candles



We ordered “Reyoog Al Fintas ريوق الفنطاس” (Fintas Breakfast) which consisted of scrambled eggs, hummous, fava beans “فول”, white cheese, and fresh Iranian bread



And one dish from the oven… halloum with tomatoes and olives on Iranian bread



The bread was really fresh and warm! I could eat it all day! The food was very home-made like… nothing really special or different about it, but it was good, nicely presented, and the whole feel of the place!


The only comments I have are: either the tables are a bit high or the chairs are a bit low – also the cafe seems to attract females more than males! Noufa and I got in, had breakfast and left within an hour period of time (if not less) the ladies (mostly ladies) there would take forever and thus the wait time would be too long! Wonder when they will be opening the upper level part of the cafe!


Other than that, Noufa and I declared it as out new breakfast place LOL <3


For more, check out Bazza Cafe website here

Tel: 1860860

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