Bayan Dental Winners


Congratulations to Bayan Dental Winners

  1. Rozat Shafique (collected) – File opening + Consultation + Cleaning
  2. Ramez Adel (pending) – File opening + Consultation + Cleaning
  3. Amer Diwan (collected) – File opening + Consultation + Cleaning
  4. Rofaida AlFaris (collected) – File opening + Consultation + Cleaning
  5. Hafsa Khawar Qureshey (pending) – GOSMILE Whitening Kit and Mouthwash


Question 3: Name my two dentists at Bayan Dental! Thats pretty easy, I talked about them in a very recent post on my blog! Go get’em!


Answer: Dr. Waleed AlFulaij + Dr. Alaa Shahrouri


I have been with Bayan Dental for sometime now and I love them… Their GOSMILE samples were sent to me, and I liked the effect too 😀 Winners… show off your smile 😀


Winners who have not collected their prizes please stay tuned for my next meet-up announcement 😀 You have to respond to me within 48 hrs from the next meetup announcement (not this post) – otherwise your prize may go back to the sub-winner or back to the sponsor.


To find out more about Bayan Dental check:

Bayan Dental Website



Tel: 23824000



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