Here you go with the correct answers:

Question 1: In the early days of KARKOOSHA, a special offer was given to my readers by KARKOOSHA team. What was the offer?


Answer: First 10 exhibitors that mention Ansam’s name while registering with us, will get a complimentary additional week




Question 2: The Manhattan store sells a “Ballerina Flats” that folds and fit into a tiny bag, what is this item called? I bought a couple of which BTW and I talked about it in my 2010 wrap-up post


Answer: FootzyRolls


Question 3: Name my two dentists at Bayan Dental! Thats pretty easy, I talked about them in a very recent post on my blog! Go get’em!


Answer: Dr. Waleed AlFulaij + Dr. Alaa Shahrouri



Question 4: I made an order via a “social media tool” and I was the first to do so with Taw9eel! Name that tool? AND I want you to give me a link to that post?


Answer: Social Media Tool is Twitter




Question 5: We served a yummy, individually wrapped, mini bite size chocolate covered ice cream treats during my sister’s wedding from Gelato Italiano. What are they called? And just so you know… there will be more than one winner to this post!


Answer: Bonbons



Question 6: I have done a different kind of French manicure at Nail It for Halloween, what did I call it?


Answer: Bloody French Manicure



Question 7: Whats KWTMOBILE slogan? It has to do with delivery timing


Answer: Delivered within 90 minutes



Question 8: I recently worked with The Burger Hub management on naming a burger after me, Ansam… and we did ;) I also wanted it to come with a side salad… similar to coleslaw only with a twist! What did we add to the coleslaw?


Answer: Beetroot



Question 9: August 2010, Noaf of Little Treats introduced a new item, a pie, decorated with an edible camel ;-) What was it? I was sent one to try and review


Answer: Noaf’s Apple Pie

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